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We are Beth and James, and we are your Head Girl and Head Boy.

The Sharp System is a bespoke programme designed for you to talk about any concerns which you may have about bullying; problems at home or any other issues that you, or a peer, may be experiencing. It is so important to make full use of it. 

If it isn’t necessary, you don’t have to tell us your name at the end of the message, but please bear in mind that it will often be more difficult for us to help you if you don't leave your details. 

We appreciate that it may be difficult to talk about your peers' actions without their consent- however, if it means improving the CHS community and its levels of safety for all Waconians, then please do click on the link and get in touch. 

All members of CHS, including teachers, student managers, and other staff members work extremely hard to ensure that the School environment is as great as it is. We are all here to help, to listen, and to resolve any issues that may arise to allow for your CHS experience, along with everyone else's, to be the best it can be, as we are sure it will be.

We hope that, with the Sharp System, we can ensure that every student is safe, but also that they can have the same exciting, varied and rewarding experience that we have had during our time at CHS.

Please remember this is a confidential way to help you, a friend, or anyone that you see suffering in any way. Don't be a bystander, if there's a problem, let's solve it together. 


Best wishes,

Beth and James. 





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