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We are Laura and Peter and we are your Head Girl and Head Boy.

Thanks to all the support, help and opportunities School has given us; we are both tremendously grateful to CHS. But, we understand that students may have problems, either in or out of School, and we know how important it is that you talk to somebody about them.

We both think it's important to remember that CHS is a community, full of people (Subject or Form teachers, Heads of Year, Student Managers, First Aid and even our School Council) who are more than willing to help you. We appreciate that it can often seem difficult to approach another member of the School community about your worries, and so the Sharp System is an opportunity to get over this first hurdle. 

The Sharp System is a program designed for students to express concerns about bullying, problems at home or any other issues that they, or a peer, may be experiencing and it's so important to make full use of it. Remember, we can only help if you report the problem to us.

You can make a report anonymously, but bear in mind that if you want somebody to get back to you wtih advice, please consider that it may be harder to help if you do not leave your details. Any report will be dealt with sensitively and promptly.

Please take the time to look through the pages and if you feel that you can help to keep our School a safe, friendly and fun place to be, please do get in touch using the link.

We hope that, with the Sharp System, we can ensure that every student is safe, but also that they can have the same exciting, varied and rewarding experience that we have had during our time at CHS.

Please remember this is a strictly confidential way to help you, a friend, or anyone that you see suffering in any way. Don't be a bystander, if there's a problem, let's solve it together.





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